Two new records
New location
Sxsw 2016

11/18/15 PRS place w/ ego
11/11/15 bottle neck w/ parquet courts
10/26/15 middle house omaha
10/25/15 total drag records Sioux falls
10/24/15 pork avenue Minneapolis
10/23/15 lucky cat Milwaukee w salad boys
10/22/15 wally world Chicago
10/20/15 painted lady Detroit
10/19/15 locker room cleaveland
10/17/15 palisades cmj Brooklyn ny
10/16/15 west end NY ny
10/14/15 University of Maryland dc
10/13/15 north side yacht cinncinatti
10/12/15 SSP indianapolis
10/11/15 CBGB st louis
10/5/15 Mistake Mondays at the Union
9/30/15 Replay Lounge
9/27/15 Negative Space w/ tenament
9/4/15 Harlings Upstairs w Dirty Few
8/22/15 Replay Lounge w Dead Mocking Birds
7/31/15 St Louis, mo Acid Kat Fest iii
7/27/15 Union, Leggy, DFW, Scammers
7/26/15 8th Street Taproom, Leggy, Arc Flash
7/20/15 Union, the Leisure Boys, Witch Jail, Pokey
7/15/15 Prs Place, CROSSS, Pink Medusa, Truckstop Strangler
7/12/15 Record Bar w Dead Shakes, Nitemirror, Psychedelic Gangbang
7/9/15 Omaha, Sweatshop Gallery, w WEED
7/8/15 Green Desert w WEED, Mystery Blood, Kudzu
7/4/15 Mulkey Park
6/20/15 Josey Records KC soft opening
6/19/15 Holy Cow Market, w the Leisure Boys
6/9/15 Mini Bar, Heavy Buffalo, Mr and the Mrs, Witch Jail
6/3/15 Pointless Forest, ZEX, MAD, Braindead
5/30 Replay Lounge, CCR Headcleaner,
5/29/15 Harlings, CCR Headcleaner, the Fog, Weird Vibers
5/7/15 Mini Bar, Nitemirror
5/3/15 Vacant Farm with Rip Rap, Little Big Bangs, Muscle Worship
5/1/15 1221 w Paper Buffalo, Psychedelic Gangbang
4/21/18 8th St Taproom w Arc Flash, Cop Knock, Father Orson
4/18/15 Mills Records Record Store Day Showcase
4/2/15 Record Bar w Ne-Hi
3/21/15 SXSW Trailer Space Records Showcase
3/20/15 SXSW Lakehaus Showcase
3/19/15 SXSW Thirdman Records Showcase
3/18/15 SWSW Good Vibrations Two Hotel Vegas
3/18/15 SXSW Thread Pull Records Showcase Beerland
3/16/15 Fort Worth, Tx House Party
3/16/15 Dallas, Tx Brookhaven College
3/15/15 Tulsa, OK Soundpony
3/14/15 I35 Music Fest, Denton Tx
3/13/15 Springfield the Outland
3/9/15 The Union Mistake Mondays
3/7/15 Harlings, Burger Revolution
2/23/15 Record Bar w Rupert Angel Eyes, Nitemirror, TruckStop Strangler
2/20/15 Mini Bar w Kool 100s, Fire Retarded, Wet Ones
1/18/15 Riot Room
1/17/15 Replay Lounge w Cucumber and the Suntans, Who and the Fucks, Mr and the Mrs
12/18/14 Harlings Upstairs - Burger Revolution w The Gorlons, Wet Ones, Phantom Head
11/29/14 The Brick w Fault Finder, Jorge Arano Trio
11/10/14 Green Desert w Dogs in Ecstasy, Platinum Boys, Sneaky Creeps
10/31/14 - LAWRENCE, KS Replay Lounge
10/29/14 - SPRINGFIELD, MO - The Outland w/
10/28/14 - TULSA, OK Soundpony Bar w/
10/27/14 - DALLAS TX - Two Bronze Door w/ Bad Beats, Sealion
10/26/14 - AUSTIN,TX - Hotel Vegas w/ Que Pasa, Crooked Bangs
10/25/14 - HOUSTON, TX - Mangos w/
10/24/14 - NEW ORLEANS, LA - Siberia w/
10/23/14 - MEMPHIS, TN - The Buccaneer
10/22/14 - MURFEESBORO TN - The Boro w/ Tennessee Scum, Mouth Reader
10/21/14 - BIRMINGHAM, AL - The Bottle Tree
10/19/14 - CHARLESTON SC - The American
10/18/14 - CHAPELL HILL NC - The Cave w/
10/17/14 - WASHINGTON, DC - LA CASA Radio CPR w/ Puff Pieces
10/16/14 - New Jersey - Friendship Mountain
10/14/14 - BROOKLYN - Shea Stadium w/ Boy Toy, Dances
10/12/14 - BROOKLYN - Palisades
10/11/14 - BOSTON, MA - O'briens
10/10/14 - PROVIDENCE, RI - AS220 w/ Neutrinos
10/9/14 - MONTREAL, CA - L'Escogriffe w/ Melted Faces, Paul Jacobs
10/8/14 - OTTAWA, CA - House of Targ w/
10/7/14 - TORONTO, CA - Silver Dollar w/ PONY
10/6/14 - DETROIT, MI - Donnavans w/ Fake Surfers
10/5/14 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN - House Show w/ Raw McCartney
10/4/14 CHICAGO - She Shreds Fest
10/4/14 - CHICAGO, IL - Situations w/ Pen Test, Dogs in Ecstasy
10/3/14 - MILWAUKEE, WI - RWPH w/ Pen Test, Dogs in Ecstasy
10/2/14 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Kitty Cat Klub w/ Slushy, Kittens Forever
10/1/14 - OMAHA, NE - Middle House w/ Video Rangers
9/27/14 Replay Lounge w
9/3/14 FOKL w Naomi punk, Shy Boys, Sneaky Creeps
8/30/14 Boulevard Drive in GREASERRAMA 14
8/24/14 Replay Lounge w Lil Tits, Toupee,
8/12/14 Record Bar with the Hecks, earring, thuggees
7/29/14 Trevor's house, w dogs of ecstasy, orbs, Human Traffic
7/27/14 Vandals Slushy, Dated
7/18/14 Harlings w All Blood, Pizza Time tour kick off
7/12/14 Vandals w Curtains,
7/8/14 Union w CARE
7/4/14 Mother Russia Fourth of July?
6/27/14 Fokl w Criminal Hygiene
6/18 riot room with Ssion, organized crimes
6/17 franks North Star tavern, w video rangers, westerners
6/16 union w blood shaman, video rangers
6/7/14 Art Closet w Blood Cookie
5/31/14 Mini Bar w Mexican Knives, All Blood
5/10/14 Replay w Gorlons, All Blood
5/9/14 Mini Bar w Dikes of Holland, Gorlons
4/26/14 Mini Bar w Sneaky Creeps
4/19/14 Record Store Day, Mills Records Co, Obsession re release in part with Field Trip Publishing
4/3/14 Replay Lounge, Dirty Fences
3/23/14 Middle East, Useless Eaters, All Blood, Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains
3/20/14 The Union, Wet Nurse, Lazy, Bruiser Queen, Witch Jail
3/15/14 Springfield MO, w Bad Madrid
3/14/14 Thelma House, SXSW Gnar Tapes, Lolipop Records Presents
3/13/14 Trailer Space, SXSW, w Crooked Bangs
3/12/14 Hotel Vegas, SXSW, Ping Pong Booking, Inland Empire, Burger City
3/12/14 Soundpony, Tulsa, w Dirty Few
3/9/14 Tap Room, Lawrence, KS w Massive Ego, Westerners
2/28/14 Replay Lounge w Video Rangers
2/22/14 Replay Lounge w Wild Hex, Witch Jail
2/19/14 Johns Big Deck, w Sneaky Creeps
2/10/14 Union
1/24/14 Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS w All Blood
1/17/14 Harlings, Shy Boys Record Release Show, Metatone
1/10/14 Mini Bar w Dirty Few, Pizza Time,
1/4/13 Barley Corn, Wichita, KS w $badger
1/3/14 Longbranch, Springfield, MO
12/31/13 Record Bar, NYE w Hearts of Darkness
12/9/13 The Union, Nesey Gallons, Gold Light
12/7/13 Mills Record Co, Schwveron 7" Release show
12/6/13 Mini Bar, Dikes of Holland w Burial Teens,
11/25/13 The Union, w Whyte Bitch
11/23/13 Nitetrotter Fest, Wally World, Chicago, IL The Funs, Massive Ego, Earrings
11/14/13 Schaflays, St Louis w Bad Dates, The Shut Ins
11/13/13 Heavens Gate, Indianapolis, IN w Vacation Club, 2150s, White Moms
11/12/13 Empty Bottle, Chicago, Massive Ego
11/11/13 Satans Gay Acid Bath w Guantanomo Baywatch, Witch Jail, Thuggees
11/7/13 Cake Shop, NY NY
11/7/13 Wmfu
11/6/13 Shea Stadium, Brooklyn
11/5/13 Double Happiness, Columbus Ohio
11/2/13 Replay w Little Big Bangs
11/1/13 Fokl w Mike Donovan, Whyte Bitch, Sneaky Creeps
10/27/13 Record Bar, Performing as the CRAMPS
10/26/13 Charlie's Spooky Party
10/20/13 Riot Room w White Mystery, Jorge Arano Trio
10/18/13 Replay Lounge w Yuppies, Psychic Heat
10/17/13 Mini Bar with Yuppies, Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains
10/15/13 Blarney Stone, Crooked Bangs, Human Traffic, Sneaky Creeps
10/10/13 Mini Bar w Organs, Black on Black, Whyte Bitch
10/2/13 Fokl with Paper haus, Scammers
9/27/13 Satans Gay Acid Bath w Video Rangers, Thuggees, Outside World
9/25/13 Brothers, Omaha, w Video Rangers, Ron Rex
9/23/13 Satans Gay Acid Bath w Torben, Darto
9/18/13 Replay Lounge, Dirty Fences
9/16/13 Blarney Stone w Youthbitch, Whyte Bitch,
9/12/13 Mini Bar W Mines, Baby Birds Dont Drink Milk,
9/7/13 ICT FEST, Wichita, KS
9/6/13 Midwest Music First Fridays w Schwervon, Man Hands
8/29/13 Fokl w No Age
8/27/13 Spring Field MO at Marthas Vineyard
8/26/13 Gatby's Mansion, Denton, Tx, Not Half Bad
8/25/13 Hotel Vegas, Austin TX
8/25/13 End of an Ear, Austin, TX
8/24/13 EL Paso, Tx
8/23/13 Tempe Tavern, Tempe, French Girls, Naked Pizza, Man Hands
8/22/13 The Dial, Murrieta, CA w The Frights, Pilgrims, The Nest, Blooming Rye
8/21/13 Lot1, Los Angeles, w Protect Me, Endless Bummer, Traps PS,
8/21/13 Origami Vinyl, Los Angeles, Instore Performance
8/20/13 Info Shop, Fresno CA,
8/19/13 Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA w Death Pajamas, Crazy Famous, Lazy Man
8/18/13 The Hemlock, San Francisco, w CCR Headcleaner, Pure Bliss
8/17/13 Fleaspace, Davis, CA w Mad Nanna, G. Green,
8/16/13 The Know, Portland w Week of Wonders, Quantonamo Baywatch
8/15/13 Tiny Tavern, Eugene, Or w Dirty Filthy Dead
8/14/13 Lee Side Skate Park, Vancouver, BC w WEED
8/13/13 The Comet w Pentaglam
8/12/13 Liquid, Boise, w Position High, Piranhas BC, Nude Oil
8/11/13 Rhinoceropolis, Denver, w Tubetop Crush
8/10/13 Mills Record Company, Lp release show, Bloodbirds
8/10/13 Mini Bar, Tour Kick off, w Nature Boys, Slum Party
8/9/13 Love Garden Sounds, Obsession LP Release Show w Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains, Jocks
8/2/13 Saki, Chicago, Off the Record, Lp release show
8/1/13 The Owl, Chicago, LP Release show
7/17/13 Czar Bar, Speedy Ortiz (MA), Schwervon!
7/14/13 Replay Lounge, Mouthbreathers tour kick off
7/12/13 XO Press Tape Release, KC
7/3/13 The Middle House, Omaha, Eric in Outerspace, Video Rangers
7/1/13 The Foam, St Louis, Sauna, Big Blue
6/30/13 Satans Gay Acid Bath, Sauna, Whyte Bitch, Thuggees, Dated
6/15/13 the ship, the Devil, Expo 70
6/13/13 Satans Gay Acid Bath w Weed (BC), Cascadia (BC)
5/23/13 Minibar, Fake Surfers, Jocks, Thuggees,
5/15/13 Replay Lounge, Ghost Dance (MO)
5/10/13 The Brick, The Body (RI), Faultfinder, Cemetarians
5/4/13 Art Closet Studios, Blood Birds LP Release show, Conquerors, Peace Warriors
5/1/13 the roost, sneaky creeps, Yuck Ratz, Boyhood (Ottawa)
4/27/13 Replay Lounge, The Funs (IL)
4/26/13 Club Mustache, w Thee Fine Lines (MO), Liquor Buddies
4/19/13 middle east, spray paint (TX)
4/8/13 Mini Bar w The Funs (IL), Thugees, Jocks
4/4/13 Harlings Upstairs, Kansas City, Vacation Club (IN), Crys (IN), Dated, Zoids
4/3/13 Mini Bar, Useless Eaters, blood birds, thuggees
3/19/13 Mini Bar, Poof Pony (NY)
3/16/13 Outland, Springfield, MO, Magic Milk, TBA
3/15/13 Austin, TX SWSW, Impose Magazine showcase, Nu Sensae, Naomi Punk, Parquet Courts
3/13/13 Love Garden Sounds, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
3/9/13 Chicago, Empty Bottle, Impose Magazine Pre SXSW showcase, w So So Glos, Cult of Youth, Big Ups
2/12/13 Record Bar, w Ex-Cult, BloodBirds
1/19/13 Tulsa, OK Soundpony w Don't Care Bears
1/18/13 Memphis, TN Buccaneer, with Toxie, Modern Convenience
1/17/13 Atlanta, GA 529 Club w Ava Luna, Carnivores
1/16/13 Nashville, TN Owl Farm w Vacation Bible School, Big Horn
1/15/13 Columbus, OH The Summit w Gamma World, SHVS
1/14/13 Arlington, VA CD Cellar w The Sniffs
1/13/13 New York, NY Cake Shop w Lame Drivers, Call of the Wild
1/12/13 New York City, NY Park Side Lounge w What's Next!, Haribo, A Pleasure
1/11/13 Buffalo, NY Broadway Joe's w Armageddon
1/10/13 Detroit, MI Jumbo's w Frustrations
1/9/13 Milwaukee, WI Circle A w Technicolor Teeth
1/8/13 Chicago, IL Burlington w the Hecks, Slushy
1/8/13 Chicago, IL Permanent Records w Twin Peaks
1/7/13 Indianapolis, IN Dino Vino
1/6/13 St Louis APOP Records w The Funs
1/5/13 Art Closet Studios, KC
1/4/13 Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge w Baby Ghosts
12/29/12 Manhiemen w Parquet Court
12/14/12 Kill Your TV Showcase, Liberty, MO
12/5/12 Empty bottle, Moniker Records Showcase, Chicago
12/2/12 Autoworx, Audacity, Big Eyes, Nature Boys, KC
11/10/12 Newsroom, The Funs, KC
10/31/12 The Ship, Umberto, Nude Sunrise, Scammers, KC
10/29/12 8th st taproom, Courtney and the Crushers, Tutti Fruiti, Lawrence, ks
10/16/12 Jackpot Lounge, Sic Alps, Lawrence, KS
10/13/12 Riot Room, Ssion, House of Ledosha, Ultrademon
10/11/12 Replay, Acorn Bcorn, Hissy Fit
10/4/12 Newsroom, Sad Horse, Faultfinder, Dj Umberto, Dj Tanner
9/27/12 KAW collective, Molly Nillson, Pocket Change, Casey Guest, Kansas city, ks
9/26/12 SeedCo, Molly Nilsson, Lawrence, ks
8/31/12 Kaw Collective, Rooftop Vigilantes, The Gun Show, Kansas City, KS
8/18/12 Cataracts Festival, Indianapolis, IN
8/13/12 Kaw Collective, Frustrations, Umberto, Sneaky Creeps, Kansas City, KS
8/3/12 Kaw Collective Grand Opening, Stiff Middle Fingers, Kansas City, KS
7/28/12 Riot Room, Deadbeat Darling, Sons of Great Dame, Appropriate Grammar, KC
7/24/12 Newsroom, w Orca Team, Wick and the Tricks, Folkicide, Kansas City, MO
7/22/12 Replay Lounge, with Guantanamo Baywatch, Sauna, Lawrence, KS
7/19/12 The Middle House, Omaha, NE
7/18/12 Breast Imaging Center, The Mallard, Los Voltage, Mating Call, Iowa City, IA
7/17/12 Crown Tap Room, Palm Flower, Bowl of Dust and Co, Chicago, IL
7/16/12 Quarter's Rock n Roll Palace, w King Tuff, Natural Child, Bored Games, Milwaukee, WI
7/15/12 Bitchpork 4 Festival, Situations, Apache Dropout + TONS OF BANDS, Chicago, IL
7/14/12 Skull Manor, Bad Squids, Indianapolis, IN
7/13/12 Record Bar, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Pale Hearts, Kansas City, MO
7/4/12 Mother Russia Presents, Fourth of July Block Party, 16th and Madison, KC, MO
6/30/12 Midwest Queer Festival, Washington Park, Kansas City, MO
6/29/12 Nebraska Pop Festival, Omaha, NE
6/7/12 The Roxy, with Bomb Banks, the Hecks, The Zoids, Eunuchs, Overland Park, KS
6/4/12 Record Bar, with Grass Widow, Schervon, KC
6/1/12 Replay Lounge, with Ghost Dance, YAM, Lawrence, KS
5/19/12 KC Psych Fest, FOKL Art Center, Performing as South Bitch Diet, KC, KS
5/3/12 The Roxy, South Bitch Diet Record Release Show, Overland Park, KS
4/22/12 Record Bar with Chain and the Gang, the Devil, KC
4/21/12 Wonder Fair Gallery, Pizza Power Presents: South Bitch Diet Cassette Release show, This is My Condition, Lawrence, KS
4/14/12 La Esquina, Members of Lazy will perform with Bowl Of Dust, Ashely Miller, Metatone, KC
4/10/12 The Brick, Scammers Tour Kick Off Show, Kansas City, MO
4/9/12 Live Radio Show @ Nebraska University, Omaha, 2:00pm KVNO 90.7
4/7/12 Center of the City Fest, The Newsroom, KC
3/29/12 The Roxy, with YAM, Overland Park, KS
3/25/12 Record Bar, Sonic Spectrum, Performing as the CARS, KC MO
3/24/12 The Rendezvous with Conquerors, Old Blood, Kansas City, MO
3/10/12 The Brick w Nature Boys, TBA, KC MO
3/3/12 Situations, w Toupee, Right Eye Rita, Chicago, IL 2202 N Milwaukee
3/2/12 Black Box Revue, Springfield, MO
2/27/12 Davey's Uptown Rambler, w Lustkillers, Kc
2/16/12 Record Bar, w Sleaze Beats, TBA, KC MO
2/11/12 Newsroom performing as South Bitch Diet, Witch and Hare, Pocket Change KC
1/28/12 FOKL w Woozy Viper, Witch and Hare, Expo 70, KC, KS
1/23/12 Replay Lounge w Bleached, Lawrence, KS
1/14/12 Newsroom w Pocket Change, Casey and the Break Necks
1/5/12 Slowdown w Yuppies, Dads, Eric from Outerspace, Iron Hugs, Omaha, NE
1/4/12 Record Bar w Ssion, Shock Diamond
12/20/11 The Emerald w Mother Russia Benefit, Minden, Blondie Brunetti, KC
12/16/11 Newsroom w Sleazebeats, Casey Guest, KC
12/9/11 Newsroom w Scammers, Pocket Change, KC
11/16/11 Newsroom w Pocket Change
11/12/11 Replay w Cave, Brain Idea, Rind
11/11/11 The Union w Brain Idea, Umberto
9/26/11 Studded Bird w Witch Hat, Conquerors,
8/26/11 Studded Bird w Fag Cop, Meat Mist, KC
8/7/11 The Firehouse Gallery w Conquerors, KC
8/4/11 Replay Lounge w SCAMMERS, Lawrence, KS
7/29/11 Sarah Beths Birthday Party, Cold House, 2328 Monitor PL. KC
7/25/11 Front/Space Gallery, KC
7/18/11 Czar Bar, KC
7/15/11 Wild Bills Steakhouse and Saloon, KCK
7/12/11 Riot Room, w Boom Bang, Cuntaloupe, Kansas City
4/9/11 Middle of the Map Music Fest, Replay, Kansas City
4/5/11 Emerald, Nature Boys, White Fang, Kansas City
3/22/11The Brick w Typhoon, Kansas City
3/16/11 Replay w Brian Idea, Umberto, Lawrence, KS
3/12/11 Big BDay Sha-Bang w Wrong Crowd at TBA, Kansas City
3/11/11 Crosstown Station w Sugar and Gold, Kansas City
2/23/11 Record Bar, Lazy will play as the Pretenders and UB40, Kansas City,
2/19/11 Replay w Sleeze Beets, Cuntaloupe, Lawrence, KS
2/11/11 C.A.T.A. w Umberto, Bozo Tha Bean, Fire For Effect, Columbus Park, KC
1/29/11 Blarney Stone with Continents, Mary Fortune
1/21/11 The Union, Kansas City
1/14/11 Riot Room w Ufter Du, Kansas City
1/7/11 The Replay, Lawrence, KS
12/31/10 New Year's Big Bang at TBA, Kansas City
12/22/10 Riot Room TRM Holiday Showcase Kansas City
12/3/10 The Riot Room w Bleach Bloodz Kansas City
11/20/10 The Brick w Cuntaloupe Kansas City
11/03/10 Jackpot Saloon w Woven Bones, Lawrence, KS
10/16/10 Memorial Hall w CVLTS, Fault Liners, Kansas City
10/15/10 Replay Lounge w CVLTS, Lawrence, KS
10/05/10 Czar Bar w Prince Rama, Kansas City
9/18/10 TRM Showcase at Beaumont w Sam Billen, Max Justus, Soft Reeds, Kansas City
9/17/10 Memorial Hall w Brain Idea, Cuntaloupe, Kansas City
9/01/10 Leedy Voulkas w Protect Me, Motorboater, Cuntaloupe, Kansas City
08/12/10 Wyatt Tall's House w Zoltars, Austin, TX
08/11/10 Club 1808 w Holy Wave, Zoltars, Austin, TX
08/10/10 YOBS w Stepen Steinbrick, Tuscon, AZ
08/09/10 Lots of Crap Night at Tribal Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
08/07/10 The Smell w Mike Vidal (Abe Vigoda), Protect Me, Back to the Future Ride, Los Angeles, CA
08/06/10 Jose Lounge Underground w White Dog, Monterey, CA
08/05/10 Pissed Off Petes w Fleshtones, Lovers, San Franciso, CA
08/04/10 Human Ear Records - Jennifer's House w Colin Self, San Francisco, CA
08/03/10 Stork Club Oakland, CA
08/02/10 Valentines with White Fang, Rob Walmart, Cole Moldy, Portland, OR
07/31/10 Track House w Pitted Youth, Olympia, WA
07/30/10 John Henry's w The Latrines, Eugene, OR
07/29/10 8th St House w Guantanamo Baywatch, Twin Falls, ID
07/28/10 The Woodshed w Guantanamo Baywatch, St. Lake City, UT
07/27/10 The Glob w Guantanamo Baywatch, Denver, CO
07/26/10 Newsroom w Guantanamo Baywatch, Kansas City
07/23/10 Replay w Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Lawrence, KS
07/17/10 Czar Bar w Beach Fossils, Kansas City
07/10/10 Davey's Uptown w Expassionates, Kansas City
07/09/10 Wonder Fair - Rock Archives with Bill Daniel, Lawrence, KS
07/07/10 Replay Lounge w Cave, Lawrence, KS
06/18/10 Chomp Womp House w Married in Berdichev, Stepen Steinbrick, Chick Fights, Lawrence, KS
06/12/10 Ball Hall w Oreagonomics, Chicago, IL
06/11/10 Lightning Warehouse, Iowa City, IA
06/03/10 Replay Lounge w Pocahaunted, Lawrence, KS
06/02/10 Record Bar w Sugar and Gold, Kansas City
05/07/10 Riot Room w Harlem, Kansas City
04/19/10 Studded Bird w Jealousy, Kansas City
03/17/10 Mustard Mansion w Demon Horse, Kansas City
02/30/10 Memorial Hall w Conquerors
02/23/10 Newsroom, Kansas City
02/15/10 Pistol Social Club Kansas City
02/14/10 Mustard Mansion, Kansas City
01/12/10 Newsroom, Kansas City
01/07/10 Booby Trap 2.0 Czar Bar, Kansas City
12/21/09 Booby Trap 1.0 Czar Bar, Kansas City
12/07/09 8th St. Taproom, Lawrence, KS